Amateur Games Structure

We are proud to announce that our Scaffolding Solutions Amateur Games have been officially sold out.
A total of 24 teams (6 groups of 4) have registered and will compete on the weekend of 31st of May – 2nd of June. The group allocation has been made based on the official ranking of each team. Teams who have not participated in official events or did not provide a Fiba 3×3 profile upon registration have 0 points and were randomly added to the groups.

-> The group structure AND specific game schedule can be found HERE <-
and on our Website’s main page. Below you can see which teams are in each group:

**IMPORTANT** You will notice in the official schedule that the 3rd teams from pools A, B, C and D progress to the last 16 phase. THIS IS NOT THE CASE, FIBA’s scheduling software does not have the functionality for best 3rd teams, please read below.

After the group stage the Last 16 round will commence. The first 2 teams of each pool will progress to the Last 16 and the missing 4 teams will be allocated on the basis of the best 3rd teams. To clarify, the best 3rd teams will be decided based on (in this order):

  1. Number of total wins in the group stage
  2. Average points scored in group stage excluding walkovers

In case there are still ties after this calculations the ranking points of each team will be considered.
This is the official way to decide who passes as per FIBA’s official Rules and Regulations for 3×3 (Article 14) which can be found here.

Below you can see the bracketing of the Last 16 phase (you will notice a best 3rd team note in 4 occurrences which represent the 4 best 3rd teams of the group stages)

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