What is 3on3?

Originating as pure streetball, 3on3 is rightfully the worldwide #1 urban game. Since June 2017 the International Olympic Committee has announced that 3×3 has become an Olympic Sport which will debut in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  Its magic lies in its simplicity, straightforwardness and fun. What makes it even more unique is that it can be played out in extraordinary locations. Hit the Limassol 3on3 seaside court in June and find out for yourself!

When & Where

Limassol 3on3 will hit the Molos multi-functional seaside park in June 2018. The location’s uniqueness makes this another unprecedented 3on3. All games will be played out on customized courts located on the main Molos pier overlooking the Mediterranean.

Host City: Limassol

The host city is the liveliest in Cyprus with never a shortage of things to do.
Its 24km-long sea side boulevard makes it a sensational choice for any outdoor activity, more
 so for a basketball celebration right by the water!

Do you have what it takes?