Limassol 3on3 is delighted to welcome Medochemie as its official Gold Sponsor for this year’s event, for the 4th consecutive year. Due to the successful collaboration over the last 3 years, the company is enthusiastic to continue this fruitful partnership, in addition to holding the exclusive naming rights of the wheelchair category.

With the Limassol 3on3 hailed to become the biggest streetball event in Cyprus, it is a privilege for both parties to be hand in hand throughout the event and the build-up to the event. Additionally, with the 3×3 Challenger being held for the first time this year, Medochemie is excited to be a founder sponsor, supporting the Limassol 3on3 and Challenger each and every step of the way, ensuring it upholds it title of Cyprus’ most prestigious and successful streetball event.

Commenting on the continuation of the partnership, Nikos Christides, sales manager for Cyprus, Medochemie, said, “We are very excited to once again be supporting this incredible event. The Limassol 3on3 has grown over the years, and we are proud to be part of this development. Limassol 3×3 Challenger as well the Educational training camp gives a new perspective to the tournament and we can’t wait to be a part of the greatest streetball events in Cyprus.”

Medochemie was established in 1976 in Cyprus by Dr Andreas Pittas and is still driven by the same philosophy: “To provide every human being around the globe with quality and affordable drug treatment in a manner that supports sustainability”.

Medochemie develops, licenses, manufactures, markets, and distributes branded generic and super-generic pharmaceutical products as well as its patented brands.

The company has thirteen manufacturing plants and facilities. Nine are in Cyprus, one in the Netherlands, and three in Vietnam. We have acquired and maintain 3,800 marketing authorization licenses for 630 different pharmaceutical products, classified in over 10 therapeutic categories. We operate in accordance with the strictest quality standards and in full compliance with European guidelines.

This year, the Limassol 3on3 will be taking place on the wooden dock of the Molos seaside park from June 08 – 17, and the 3×3 Challenger will be running from June 16 – 17. The official announcement has been made by FIBA for all the 3×3 Challenger events taking place, including Cyprus for the first time! FIBA announced that the number of 3×3 Challengers would increase from 14 last year to a minimum of 21 this year, marking a great milestone for the Limassol 3on3 event.

Originating as a pure streetball game, 3on3 is rightfully the #1 urban game globally. Furthermore, in June 2017 was announced by the International Olympic Committee that the sport will debut at the Summer Tokyo Olympics 2020, as an official Olympic Games sport.

The organizing committee has this year enhanced the event by adding the first-ever Limassol 3×3 Challenger!* The Limassol 3on3 winner and runner-up, as well the best Cypriot team** in the final ranking list, will qualify to compete against international teams in the Limassol 3×3 Challenger. Furthermore, 16 teams will have the opportunity to compete for 2 tickets to the World Master Tournament in Debrecen. Winners of the 2-day event will also take home $20,000 worth of prizes.

Taking it a step further in 2018, Limassol 3×3 Educational Training Camp on Molos pier will offer 4 days packed with education, entertainment, competitions and many surprises. As part of the Educational Social Responsibility campaign, 3on3 Cyprus Ltd in collaboration with Limassol Municipality and the sponsors, will be organising the Training Camp for anyone eager to learn the game, whereby qualified coaches will be giving free courses to anyone interested, of any age. The training program will include, in addition to the sport itself, a series of lectures by experienced scientists on sports psychology, sports nutrition and proper training. More information about the Limassol 3×3 Educational Training Camp will be announced shortly on the official website of the event.

*The Limassol 3on3 Winner as well the best Cypriot team in the final ranking list will qualifies to the final stage of Limassol 3×3 Challenger and the runner-up will qualifies to the qualification round.

**In the case that a Cypriot team reaches the Limassol 3on3 final, they automatically get a ticket for Limassol 3×3 Challenger and the 2nd best Cypriot team in the ranking list qualifies to the qualification round of the Challenger.

About Limassol 3on3: Limassol 3on3’s mission is all about taking basketball back to the streets, proving that through sport and sportsmanship values, our communities can become a better place for future generations.

Limassol 3on3’s vision is all about promoting 3×3 basketball around the island and becoming one of the top events in Europe.

Limassol 3on3 is the biggest streetball tournament in Cyprus since 2015 making it an annual tradition of the city, as well as one of the leading streetball tournaments in the Mediterranean. Basketball is a not only a game of skill but a game of teamwork. That is why Limassol 3on3 works on giving back to the community. Funds raised from the corporate tournament are passed on to support Cyprus wheelchair teams and the Social Market of Limassol Municipality.

Consistent with the promise to help those in need, all proceeds from corporate team registrations will be donated to the four wheelchair clubs of Cyprus (Apollon, Ifestos, Nicosia Rollers and APOP) and the Social Market of Limassol Municipality.

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