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Limassol 3×3 Challenger 2018
16-17 June 2018

This year, we are enhancing the event with the Limassol 3X3 Challenger. Experience the first ever 3×3 Challenger in Cyprus.
Following Fiba’s rules for Challenger tournaments team allocations state that 5 of the world’s top teams will be automatically allocated to the tournament, FIBA will also invite 2 extra teams, 4 will qualify  from satellite tournaments and the rest from Limassol 3on3 organisers.
The Limassol 3on3 winner, runner-up, 3rd place and the best Cypriot team in the final ranking list of Limassol 3on3 2018, will qualify to compete against international teams in the Limassol 3×3 Challenger. 16 teams will have the opportunity to compete for 2 tickets to the World Master Tournament in Debrecen (30-31 August 2018). Register and win the Limassol 3on3 2018 tournament and get the wild card for Limassol 3×3 Challenger 2018!

Who can participate?


Number of teams / Courts

16 Teams / 1 Court

Live coverage

TV coverage / Live Streaming


$12000 + Worlds Master Ticket to Debrecen 30-31 August 2018

Runner Up

$8000 + World Master Ticket to Debrecen 30-31 August 2018

Game Duration

10 Minutes

Do you have what it takes?